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The artist BaVincio past way Nov. 18, 2014

When a friend suggests she send in some of her drawing to the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, she was accepted and earned a find art degree. She did this while raising two sons. Tamarra went on to have a very successful art career having her art shown in New York, Chicago, and Milwaukee. She specialized in oils, but also used many other mediums as will sculpt and did photography.

In her word:

If Art is the expression of the soul, then I have been expressing soul since a young age - from singing and playing piano as a child, to acting in major theatre productions and creating the stage sets for those productions.

Accepted into The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design for graphic arts, Tamarra switched her major mid-semester of her freshman year after the Dean of Fine Art convinced her that her talent far surpassed her graphic skills, thus taking her under his wing to mentor her.

Using the power of the written word to visually portray the beauty those words create, creating paintings showing her sensitive and insightful view of life in nature, to portraying liberating and powerful images of women, Tamarra’s art has developed over the years to show great diversity in her images.

‘‘Never been fond of the ‘Tell Us About Yourself’ requests. Guess I figured no one much cares about whether I do or don’t have children, hold down a job, eat too much ice cream, hiccup from popcorn, or walk with two left feet. I also guess one would probably learn more about me from my work, if they were so inclined to be interested enough to examine it for clues.

But, if I have to, I would describe myself as:
a bit neurotic;
painfully smart, and curiously dumb;
effortlessly giving and shamelessly greedy;
defender of individual rights and prejudicial of narrow-mindedness;
blissfully content and wildly insatiable;
encourager of peace and instigator of discord;
solidly stable and gloriously insane.”

She was a talented soul, taken from us way too soon.




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